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En noviembre de 2020 el gobierno español estableció un alojamiento temporal para 7.000 migrantes que habían llegado a las Islas Canarias. En la imagen podemos ver 2 cabinas Maxim en uso en el refugio de emergencia de las islas. El … Continue reading

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Satellite Industries es considerado un negocio esencial según las directrices de la CIMA y, como tal, seguiremos abiertos y enviando nuestra gama completa de sanitarios, desodorizantes, camiones de servicio y remolques para mantener nuestra industria abastecida. Estamos atendiendo las necesidades … Continue reading

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No cabe duda de que vivimos tiempos sin precedentes. Me gustaría aprovechar esta ocasión para comentar los desafíos y oportunidades a los que nos enfrentamos todos los que formamos parte de la industria del saneamiento portátil. También me gustaría compartir … Continue reading

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High in the mountains of Chile, portable restroom operator Rodrigo Duarte examines a Global restroom that tumbled 400 feet down the side of a cliff and landed in the mining pit where he services restrooms on a daily basis. Rodrigo … Continue reading

The public would be interested to know that the portable restroom industry saves approximately 125 million gallons of fresh, drinkable water each day. That is enough water to fill four lakes, each the size and depth of a large football … Continue reading

Most people would probably agree that improving people’s lives and preserving the environment are very worthy goals. If both of these objectives can be achieved at once, that’s even better. That’s exactly the value proposition we offer in the portable … Continue reading

Satellite Industries has been selected by Managing Automation magazine as one of their top 100 companies in 2011 for a Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award (PM100). The PM100 Awards honor manufacturing companies that have transformed themselves through the use of information … Continue reading

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Do porta-potties have the power to save lives? For Todd Hilde, CEO of Plymouth-based Satellite Industries, the answer is most definitely yes. Satellite provides sanitation products, including portable toilets and hand-washing stations, to more than 80 countries worldwide. The products … Continue reading

Where in the world is there a growing portable restroom company? Try looking in the remote northern regions of Chile, where miners extract valuable minerals such as copper, gold and silver. It is in the rich copper mines of northern … Continue reading

With the addition of the Global line, Satellite can now service the portable sanitation industry with a low priced leader. For years, Satellite has wanted a portable restroom to offer operators that would exceed the quality of lower cost units … Continue reading

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